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Vibra96 GO

After a heavy workout or long run, many people experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). While experiencing DOMS is completely normal, they can be inconvenient, painful, and impact your workout's quality. The Vibra96 GO Massage Gun is a portable vibration device that is designed to treat and reduce frustrating muscle soreness.

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Vibra96 GO


Compare at $275


Great Performance

The Vibra96 GO Massage Gun uses percussive therapy to reduce stiffness and soreness associated with exercise. Percussive therapy is a massage technique that sends rapid and repetitive pulses into the muscle to stimulate blood flow and, as a result, helps with exercise warm-ups and post-workout recovery. 


Designed For You 

The optimal speed setting for the Vibra96 GO Massage Gun depends on the extent of your muscle soreness and the reason for use. That's why the device has four adjustable speed settings. That way, you can increase the speed to suit your individual needs.


Design Features

The Vibra96 GO Massage Gun is available in a neutral and modern grey color and giving it a sophisticated look and universal appeal. 

  • Brushless high-torque 70 W motor
  • Noise level at just 42db
  • 12mm Stroke length
  • Smart-Hit™ technology
  • 4 speeds - up to 3300 RPM
  • 16.8 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery 
  • 3hrs+ use per charge
  • Ultra-lightweight, easy to use


Battery Life

The Vibra96 GO Massage Gun has a maximum battery life of four hours. With such long battery life and its sleek appearance, this useful device can be used on the go, in the gym, and at home for optimal convenience. 


What’s Included

  • Vibra96 GO (Grey)
  • 16.8 V US charger
  • Slim carrying case. 
  • 6 Head attachments
  • User manual